CALE Foreign Visiting Research Fellows

Term  2023/2/4-2023/3/14
Name Marco Zappa
Position, Affiliation Ca’Foscari University, Associate Professor
Research Theme Legal assistance for smart city management: Japan’s knowledge-based aid and the emerging of new forms of urban governance in developing Asia
Term  2023/1/10-2023/2/14
Name Chen Hao-Yun
Position, Affiliation National Taipei University, Associate Professor
Research Theme The Infringement of Design Patent: Japan and Taiwan in Comparative Perspective
Term  2022/4/16-2022/7/31
Name Rhee IkHyeon
Position, Affiliation Mokwon University (Korea), Professor
Research Theme Korean Statutory Interpretation Practices at the Administrative Level and its Applicability to Other Nations
Term  2020/1/22-2020/2/28
Name Taing Ratana
Position, Affiliation Constitutional  Council of Cambodia, Secretary General
Research Theme The Constitutional Council of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Promoting its Core Value: Respect Rule of Law, Protect Independence, Fulfill Neutrality
Term 2019/9/2 – 2019/10/30
Name Lee Hyowon
Position, Affiliation School of Law, Seoul National University (Korea), Professor
Research Theme Research on Legal Issue and Task for Peace and Cooperation Between North and South Korea
Term 2019/1/21 – 2019/3/3
Name Lee Nari
Position, Affiliation Hanken School of Economics (Finland), Professor
Research Theme Hedging Fairness and Morality in the Use of Artificial Intelligence for Personalised Medicine at the Interface of Patents and Trade Secrets
Term 2018/8/8 – 2018/10/31
Name Nguyen Van Thi Anh
Position, Affiliation Hanoi Law University (Vietnam), Associate Professor
Research Theme A Comparative Study of M&A Regulation in Japan and the US: Some Possible Suggestions for Vietnam
Term 2018/6/1 – 2018/7/31
Name Chan Wing Cheong
Position, Affiliation Singapore National University, Associate Professor
Research Theme Elder Law in Singapore
Term 2018/1/10 – 2018/3/29
Name Kichik Kuzma
Position, Affiliation Law Faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia), Associate Professor
Research Theme Problems of legal regulation of relations in public procurement in Russia and countries of East Asia (China, Republic of Korea, Mongolia, Japan) and other countries in the Asian region (Vietnam, Malaysia)
Term 2017/5/21 – 2017/8/31
Name Daw Than Nwe
Position, Affiliation Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science, Executive Member/ University of Yangon(Myanmar), Former Head of Department of Law
Research Theme Development of Arbitration Law in Myanmar
Term 2017/3/3 – 2017/5/30
Name Linda Yanti Sulistiawati
Position, Affiliation Gadjah Mada University, School of Law (Indonesia), Lecturer
Research Theme Climate Change Negotiations, Challenges and Opportunities for OPEC
Term 2016/10/3 – 2016/12/28
Name Subramaniam Mogana Sunthari
Position, Affiliation Faculty of Law, University of Malaya (Malaysia), Senior Lecturer
Research Theme Judicial Dilemma: Secular or Syariah for Inter-Faith Family Disputes in Malaysia
Term 2016/5/24 – 2016/6/22
Name Thanitcul Sakda
Position, Affiliation Faculty of Law, Chulalongkom University (Thailand), Professor
Research Theme Foreign Investment Protection in Thailand and Japan: An Emphasis on Thailand’s experience concerning Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)
Term 2016/1/7 – 2016/3/30
Name Amara Marina Igorevna
Position, Affiliation National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia), Expert
Research Theme Historical Development of Constitutional Law of Japan (1910-2014)
Term 2015/9/1 – 2015/11/30
Name Pham Huong Thi Thu
Position, Affiliation Hanoi National University (Vietnam), Visiting Lecturer
Research Theme Universal Jurisdiction in Legislation of Asian Countries
Term 2015/4/20 – 2015/5/20
Name Meas Bora
Position, Affiliation Cambodian University for Specialties, Vice-President
Research Theme Criminal Liability of Legal Entities: Lessons Learnt for Cambodia
Term 2015/1/5 – 2015/3/31
Name Carol Tan
Position, Affiliation University of London School of Asian Studies (SOAS) (England), Professor of Law
Research Theme The legal framework for migrant domestic workers in Southeast Asia
Term 2014/8/27 – 2014/10/30
Name Rho Hyeok-Joon
Position, Affiliation Seoul National University School of Law (Korea), Professor
Research Theme The Business Trust in Asia
Term 2014/4/1 – 2014/5/31
Name Phan Thi Lan Huong
Position, Affiliation Hanoi Law University (Vietnam), Lecturer
Research Theme The role of government in Law-making process in Vietnam – In comparison with Japan
Term 2013/12/3 – 2014/2/28
Name Dorde Stojanovic
Position, Affiliation Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade (Serbia), Senior Research Fellow
Research Theme The Symbolic Construction of the Enemy – the Case of Serbia and Japan –
Term 2013/10/1 – 2013/11/23
Name Rolf Wank
Position, Affiliation Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany), Professor of Law (retired)
Research Theme Comparative Study on the Law of Atypical Work in Germany and Japan
Term 2013/4/2 – 2013/6/27
Name Daniel William Puchniak
Position, Affiliation Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, Assistant Professor
Research Theme Comparative Corporate Law in Asia : A Paradigm Shift?
Term 2013/1/9 – 2013/3/28
Name Igor Tsay
Position, Affiliation University of World Economy and Diplomacy, Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Lecturer of Public Law
Research Theme On the Legal Assistance in the Sphere of Administrative Law in Uzbekistan
Term 2012/7/2 – 2012/8/31
Name Jörg Gerhard Polakiewicz
Position, Affiliation Council of Europe (France), Head of Human Rights Policy and Development Department
Research Theme Corporate human rights responsibility – challenges and opportunities for effective implementation in Europe and East Asia
Term 2012/1/17 – 2012/3/30
Name Lars-Göran Lennart Malmberg
Position, Affiliation University of Gothenburg (Sweden), Professor
Research Theme Japanese Legal Development Programs in South East Asis Region
Term 2011/6/23-2011/9/16
Name Liou Tzong-Der 劉 宗徳
Position, Affiliation The Department of Law, National Chengchi University (Taiwan), Distinguished Professor
Research Theme Public Law Theory on Public Private Partnership and Self-regulation
Term 2011/5/10 – 2011/8/4
Name Vyatcheslav Gavrilov
Position, Affiliation Far-Eastern National University (Russia), Professor, Dean of Jurisprudence II Department, Head Chair on International Law, Institute of Law
Research Theme International Legal Mechanisms of the Asia Pacific Countries’ Economic Cooperation
Term 2010/10/12 – 2010/12/29
Name Küpper Herbert
Position, Affiliation The Institute for East European Law Munich (Germany), Managing Director
Research Theme Structures of Japanese and German international legal co-operation with formerly socialist countries compared
Term 2010/9/1 – 2010/11/30
Name Lee Heung Jae 李 興在
Position, Affiliation Seoul National University Law School (Korea), Professor of Law
Research Theme Japanese Social Security System for Old Aged People
Term 2010/6/7 – 2010/9/4
Name Hor Peng
Position, Affiliation Royal University of Law and Economics (Cambodia), Professor
Research Theme Constitutionalism in Cambodia
Term 2010/1/4 – 2010/3/31
Name Carol Lawson
Position, Affiliation Legal Communications Japan, Barrister and solicitor in Australia
Research Theme 1. JaLII: Designing Tools for Japanese to English Legal Translation 2. Corrections in the New Millennium: Reform or Rebranding? Japan’s Prison Act (2005)
Term 2009/10/1 – 2009/12/28
Name Jugnee Amarsanaa
Position, Affiliation Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law, Mongolian Academy of Sciences , Director
Research Theme Comparative Study of Public Legal System Between Japan and Mongolia
Term 2009/5/15 – 2009/8/10
Name Nguyen Van Quang
Position, Affiliation The Research Centre for State Apparatus, Hanoi Law University (Vietnam), Deputy Director, Faculty of Administrative Law
Research Theme Comparing the Japanese and the Vietnamese Administrative Procedural Law
Term 2009/1/5 – 2009/3/27
Name Xin Chong Yang 辛 崇陽
Position, Affiliation Law School in China University of Political Science and Law, Associate Professor of Law (Associate Dean)
Research Theme A Study on the Interpretation of Treaties
Term 2008/7/1 – 2008/8/31
Name Park Kwangdong 朴 鑛棟
Position, Affiliation Korea Legislation Research Institute, Research Associate
Research Theme Comparing the Japanese and the Korean Assistance Projects in the Field of Law – Present situation and problems
Term 2008/4/8 – 2008/6/30
Name Veronica L. Taylor
Position, Affiliation Asian Law Center, University of Washington (America), Professor of Law
Research Theme Whose Legal Development?
Term 2007/10/31 – 2008/2/1
Name Thiengchanhxay Viengvilay
Position, Affiliation Faculty of Law and Political Science, Laos National University, Vice-Dean, Associate Professor
Research Theme Study on Capital Punishment in Laos
Term 2007/7/16 – 2007/9/30
Name Renoux Thierry Serge Marie
Position, Affiliation University Paul Cezanne (Aix-Marseille III) (France), Professor Lawyer
Research Theme Study on Constitution and Human Rights in Asia -from the viewpoint of Legal Assistance to Asian Countries
Term 2007/4/2 – 2007/6/30
Name Nam HyoSoon 南 孝淳
Position, Affiliation College of Law in Seoul National University (Korea), Professor
Research Theme Comparative Study of elements for a creditor to exercise via subrogation the right held by the obligator under the Civil Codes of France, Japan and Korea to preserve a claim
Term 2006/10/25 – 2007/2/28
Name Ni Zhengmao 倪 正茂
Position, Affiliation Shanghai University of Political Science and Law (China), Professor
Research Theme Incentive Law
Term 2006/7/14 – 2006/10/13
Name Tsay ShiowChing 蔡 秀卿
Position, Affiliation Soochow University School of law (Taiwan), Associate Professor
Research Theme Reform of Administrative Law Systems in China and Taiwan
Term 2006/4/10 – 2006/7/9
Name Suleimenova Gulnara Zhahanovna
Position, Affiliation The Criminal Procedure and Crime Detection Department of the Kazakh Humanities and Law Academy (Kazakhstan), Professor
Research Theme Judicial Reform in Kazakhstan
Term 2005/10/25 – 2006/1/24
Name Lau Martin Wilhelm
Position, Affiliation University of London (England), Assistant Professor
Research Theme Legal Assistance to Islamic Societies
Term 2005/7/19 – 2005/10/18
Name Gillen Mark Robert
Position, Affiliation Faculty of Law, University of Victoria (Canada), Professor
Research Theme Corporate Law: A Guide for Transitional and Developing Countries
Term 2005/7/1 – 2005/7/31
Name Chon ByungSeo 田 炳西
Position, Affiliation Chung-Ang University (Korea), Associate Professor
Research Theme Japanese Legal Assistance to Asian Countries in Transition – the Case of Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.
Term 2005/4/6 – 2005/7/5
Name Ohnesorge John
Position, Affiliation University of Wisconsin Law School (America), Assistant Professor
Research Theme Law and Economic Development in Northeast Asia
Term 2004/12/6 – 2005/3/30
Name Smolak Marek Adam
Position, Affiliation Adam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Law (Poland), Professor
Research Theme Research on Legal Ethics in an Age of Political Transformation
Term 2004/7/16 – 2004/10/15
Name Sodovsuren Narangerel
Position, Affiliation National University of Mongolia, Professor
Research Theme Research on Main Characters of Modern Japanese Legal System
Term 2004/4/14 – 2004/7/13
Name Niazova Anara Natuevna
Position, Affiliation Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University (Kyrgys), Associate Professor
Research Theme Harmonization of Private and Public Interests in Realization of the Right of Property on Land
Term 2004/1/7 – 2004/4/6
Name Surayyo Adilkhodjaeva
Position, Affiliation Tashkent State Institute of Law (Uzbekistan), Associate Professor
Research Theme Comparative Study on State Mechanism in Japan and Republic of Uzbekistan
Term 2003/10/5 – 2004/1/5
Name Anderson Kent William
Position, Affiliation Australian National University, Associate Professor
Research Theme Comparative Analysis on Bankruptcy Law in Asian Countries
Term 2003/6/1 – 2003/9/30
Name Dinh Vuong Ngoc
Position, Affiliation Institute of State and Law, Head of International Law Dept. (Vietnam), Associate Professor
Research Theme Research on Principal Issues in Modern International Law