Mission of CALE

Mission01 Research on Laws in Asia and the Science of Legal Assistance
Compilation and dissemination of basic information on laws and politics of countries in Asia.

Our programs are at the frontiers of legal research on Asian countries
 Japanese research on the legal systems of other Asian countries was generally focused on China. As Japan has strengthened ties with many other Asian countries in recent years, there is an increasing interest in the entire region for business and academic reasons. Nagoya University has trained specialists in the different fields of national law of Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia and other countries . It remains at the frontier of Asian law studies, often working in collaboration with other Asian and Western research institutions. CALE collects and disseminates basic information on Asian laws, conducts theoretical research, and thus focuses on both; enriching of academic knowledge and development of programs which meet business or other related social needs.

Building a transmissive model of legal studies through academic exploration of legal assistance
 While conducting legal assistance programs in practice, CALE also takes legal assistance seriously as a new phenomenon in the legal world – and endeavors to seek academic insights into the subject of legal assistance on its own right. Legal assistance programs are supported by theoretical inquiries into legal assistance as a new academic agenda covering topics on principles and philosophy of legal assistance to specific countries and legal areas, methods for implementation and evaluation. Key issues include; the harmonization between national and international laws amid globalization and regional integration processes, transplantation of laws and conflicts with traditional legal systems, and the process through which transplanted laws may take root in the new environment. Legal assistance also represents a new direction of outward transmission for Japanese legal studies which have previously been oriented toward the absorption of European and American legal approaches.

Building a national network through cooperation with legal assistance institutions
 While being the only university-level center in Japan which specializes in legal assistance, CALE plays a coordinating role for research related to Asian law and politics and
Asian legal assistance. These activities involve an extensive network-building among academicians, researchers, government officials and legal practitioners.

Building international networks to take further steps towards the world’s frontier in the field of legal assistance
 Legal assistance is also conducted by some governments of Western countries such as the USA, France, Germany and Sweden, and international organizations. CALE is expanding research and education activities in collaboration with universities in these countries and international aid agencies
which are supporting legal assistance and research in Asian countries.

Utilizing its networks and providing information for business enterprises
 Japanese companies which carry out business operations in other Asian countries need to obtain information on pertinent national laws. CALE uses its international network to provide those companies with essential information as well as expert personnel.

Hosting many international conferences and symposiums
In connection with various research projects on Asian law, politics and legal assistance, CALE organizes many symposiums and workshops in cooperation with respective universities, legal practitioners and government agencies of different Asian countries. As a part of the ongoing exchange activities, CALE regularly hosts prominent legal experts from other countries as visiting scholars and researchers.

Publishing research reports on Asian law and on legal assistance
Asian Law Bulletin、CALE NEWS、CALE Books、CALE Booklet、CALE Discussion Papers

Working with JICA to provide training for specialists from Asian countries in Japan
 CALE coordinates training in Japan for groups from specific
countries as a part of the overseas development assistance programs run by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Due to the experience available, CALE has been hosting trainee groups from Laos, Iran, Mongolia and Uzbekistan. Collaboration with JICA legal assistance
projects also includes cooperation by individual faculty members in their capacity as short term JICA experts.