Special Budgetary Grants (MEXT, academic year 2011-2015)

Project title: Legal Assistance in Asia – Establishment of a Japanese National Network of Assistance for Legal Training in Transitional Countries

International Training Program (ITP) (JSPS, academic year 2009-2014)

Project title: Training Program for Researchers Capable of Disseminating Knowledge on Laws of Asian Countries and Legal Assistance Activities in Asia

Asia-Africa Science Platform Program – Japan Society for Promotion Science (JSPS, academic year 2009-2011)

Project title: Strengthening Research Network of Interactive Comparative Law for Legal Assistance

Special Budgetary Grants for Education and Research (MEXT, academic year 2006-2010)

Project title: Legal Assistance in Asia – Training of Legal Professionals in Transitional Countries

Program for Support of Graduate School Education Reforms (MEXT, academic year 2007-2009)

Project title: Initiative to Train Specialists Capable of Designing Legal Technical Assistance

Program for Area Studies Based on Needs of Society (MEXT, academic year 2006-2009)

Project title: Strategic Research on Legal Assistance to ASEAN – Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) (JSPS, academic year 2005-2008)

Project title: Sociology of Law Approach to Research on Mongolian Land Law System – From the Perspective of Environmental Conservation and Prevention of Disputes

JICA’s Delegated Research (academic year 2006-2008)

Project title: Japanese Domestic Support for Regulatory Reforms Projects in Civil and Administrative Laws to Promote Development of Entrepreneurial Activities in Uzbekistan

Hirameki-Tokimeki Science (JSPS, academic year 2008-2009)

Project title: ASIA – Visiting Law and Society in Asia