○● CALE外国人研究員 Bora Meas 先生による研究報告会のご案内●○

 5月18日(月)13:00よりCALE外国人研究員の Bora Meas 先生(カンボジア University for Specialties 副総長)による研究報告会を開催いたします。

日 時:5月18日(月)13:00~14:30

場 所:CALEフォーラム

報告者:Bora Meas CALE外国人研究員(カンボジア University for Specialties) 

題 目:"Criminal Liability of Legal Persons: Lessons Learnt for Cambodia"

概 要: It is reported that acts of legal person causes negative impact on individual and societies. A number of States in the globe, including the Kingdom of Cambodia, adopted laws or inserted provision on criminal liability of legal person into their laws. However, as for Cambodia, while there are reported cases of harmful acts of legal persons, the application of relevant provisions are unclear, and no interpretation thereof so far.
The presentation is going to provide preliminary result of the research of the theme, highlighting the scope and nature of the foreign law provisions on criminal liability
of legal person, and elements which will be suggested for future implementation of the relevant provision of criminal liability of legal person in Cambodia.

言 語: English

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