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 5月28日(水)10:00よりCALE外国人研究員の Phan Thi Lan Huong 先生(ベトナム Hanoi Law University)による研究報告会を開催いたします。

日 時
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Phan Thi Lan Huong CALE外国人研究
(ベトナム ハノイ法科大学)
題 目
"The role of Vietnamese government in legislation - In comparison with Japan"

概 要
Since Doimoi was introduced in 1986, Vietnam has made a great effort in building comprehensive legal frameworks to support socio-economic aspects as well as to move towards a rule of law state.
However, low quality of current legal system is one of the main obstacles to prevent Vietnam from achieveing development targets.
Although legislative power is vested to the National Assembly but Government had played important role in legislation. Delegated legislation is carried out as alternative solution for solving the burden on legislature as well as for responding quickly to the changes of economy and society. However, this practice also cause many problems of legal system such as contradictory, overlap, and inconsistence which have raisen challenges to Vietnam in process of implementing legislative reform. The problem is that theories and principles of delegated legislation are still under debated. How to improve the quality of legal system in order to become more transparent, coherent, understandable, and enforceable is remaining as a significant question for Vietnam when an effective channel for reviewing constitutionality and legality of legal normative documents has not yet established. This paper aims at studying the role of Vietnamese government in legislation based on Japanese’s experiences in order to identify possible solutions for Vietnam to improve the quality of legal system to meet requirements of rule of law state.

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